The Best Meteorologists In Social Media

Follow these 100 meteorologists if you’re interested in the weather – or anything else going on

Few people depend on social media like the hard-charging professionals who forecast severe weather. Meteorologists (those who earned degrees in atmospheric science) not only use social media to alert the public to life-threatening storms, but they rely on it to collect weather information central to their ability to tell their audience what’s going on. (“Hit me on Facebook. Is it raining this morning where you live?”).

How they use social media more important than total followers

In compiling the first-ever list of the best meteorologists in social media, TheSocReports looked at several aspects of social activity — going much farther than ranking strictly by size of fan base. We analyzed how much content and how often the meteorologists are posting, as well as how they use social media, like their share of posts that include links to deeper content and the proportion of their feeds devoted to original posts (vs. retweets). The result of our data analysis is a list of the most interesting, entertaining, provocative and, yes, sometimes controversial weather professionals contributing to the social conversation. They are pros worth following, whether or not you’re a weather geek.

TheSocReports puts the highest value on being a well-rounded user of social media. In other words, these folks do just about everything well, taking advantage of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (most are very active on all three) to inform and grow their influencer status.

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In social media, everyone is a competitor

This week, meteorologists from across the country and world will make their way to Norfolk, Virginia, for the 41st annual meeting of the National Weather Association. Some of those on our list of top weather influencers will be in attendance. They are among the world’s most recognized meteorologists — many are familiar faces on local TV stations, network and cable broadcasts. Others have made their names first as scientists, and social media has given them a platform equal to and sometimes exceeding the reach of any single TV station or network.

That’s why you’ll notice an eclectic mix of media pros working in the biggest markets in the U.S. and abroad, as well as in smallest outposts. Their markets have no boundaries and everyone’s a peer, thanks to social media. TheSocReports salutes these meteorologists representing the top 1% of their profession.

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The top ten

1.  Ginger Zee, Chief Meteorologist at ABC News, New York

Ginger Zee is best known for her work on ABC’s Good Morning America – and is the only meteorologist on our list earn a ’10’ on Dancing with the Stars. She’s a bona fide household name in the U.S., so it’s no shock that her social media following is in the strastophere. Ginger has the highest number of followers among all meteorologists on Twitter and Instagram, and comes in at #3 on Facebook. But it’s not just Ginger’s celebrity that earned her the #1 spot on our list. Ginger generates a tremendous amount of original content (less than 3% retweets) – and clearly enjoys the social conversation (66% of her content is interaction). She’s very active (80K+ lifetime tweets) and also a new mom, so our only question is, “When does Ginger sleep?”

2. Jennifer Broome, Meteorologist/Program Host, KPRC, Houston

Jennifer made her name as the ‘traveling weather chick’ at KDVR/KWGN in Denver, but she recently shifted gears, moving to Houston to front a new lifestyle show. Her energy is admirable. It’s a feat to leverage Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but Jennifer manages to do that and how. Plus, Jennifer does a great job sharing other content (links included in 40%+ of her posts).

3. Brad Panovich, Chief Meteorologist at WCNC, Charlotte, NC

Brad Panovich is a social media machine. Brad joined Twitter around the same time everyone else on this list did (2009) but has racked up 180K+ lifetime tweets – topping all other TV mets on activity. As the chief meteorologist at the NBC affiliate in Charlotte, Brad churns out an amazing amount of science, combined with a knack for punctuating his feeds with humor and human interest stories. So even if you aren’t completely into the weather, you’ll find Brad’s content entertaining.

4. Stephanie Abrams, Meteorologist at The Weather Channel, Atlanta

Morning show meteorologists like Stephanie are burning up social media. We admire the way she switches up her storytelling  – using images, videos, GIFs, livestreaming, you name it.

5. Greg Dee, Meteorologist at WKYC, Cleveland, OH

Of course, Greg posts about the weather – but you are also just as likely to see traffic, sports and tech advice. He’s also a very active YouTuber. And comes in at #1 in lifetime Instagram posts.

6. Lee Goldberg, Chief Meteorologist at WABC, New York

93% of Lee’s tweets contain URLs – meaning he is linking like crazy to source content. That’s one of the strongest signs that he is devoting most of his time to educating his audience. He also uses Instagram more than average.

7. Maria Quiban, Meteorologist at KTTV, Los Angeles

Severe weather isn’t a big concern in LA, so what’s a meterologist to talk about? Maria’s feeds are a mix of weather, news, fashion and entertainment. More than half of her posts involve conversation.

8. Hollie Giangreco, Meteorologist at WKYC, Cleveland, OH

Hollie is the second meteorologist from WKYC in our top 10, quite an achievement for this station considering the level competition (7000+ mets). She punctuates her weather feeds with inspirational quotes.

9. Eric Fisher, Meteorologist at WBZ, Boston

A cross between nerdy meteorology and irreverent opinion, Eric’s social channels get tremendous engagement. You get to know Eric’s life on and off camera.

10. Scott Fisher, Chief Meteorologist at KTBC, Austin, TX

Scott celebrates Texas and uses social media to bond with his community. You’re just as likely to see pictures of him tailgating with viewers as a weather map.

The best of the rest

This is an elite group, so to suggest that one of these meteorologists uses social media ‘better’ than another isn’t entirely fair. They share an unflagging commitment to keep their audience informed 24/7. They’ve embraced social media to grow their personal brands — and aren’t standing still. You’ll also find many on Snapchat.  They’re experimenting with new tools to have a conversation, share content uniquely their own, give their fans a peak behind the curtain without coming off as an egomaniac —  and they do it all with wit and humor. Their fans adore them – and so will you.

11. Scott Harbaugh, Meteorologist at WPXI, Pittsburgh, PA

12. Danielle Breezy, Chief Meteorologist at WKRN, Nashville, TN

13. Amy Freeze, Meteorologist at WABC, New York

14. Rob Marciano, Meteorologist at ABC News, New York

15. Reed Timmer, Meteorologist at TVNweather, Norman, OK

16. Jennifer Ketchmark, Meteorologist at WCPO, Cincinnati, OH

17. Nicole Misencik, Meteorologist, WTHR, Indianapolis, IN

18. Brian Shields, Meteorologist at WFTV, Orlando, FL

19. Scott Sabol, Meteorologist at WJW, Cleveland, OH

20. Justin Berk, Meteorologist at, Baltimore, MD

21. Josh Fitzpatrick, Meteorologist at WSAZ, Huntington-Charleston, WV

22. Jim Cantore, Meteorologist at The Weather Channel, Atlanta

23. Jen Carfagno, Meteorologist at The Weather Channel, Atlanta

24. Ryan Hanrahan, Meteorologist at WVIT, Hartford, CT

25. Bri Eggers, Meteorologist at WHDH, Boston

26. Cheryl Scott, Meteorologist at WLS, Chicago

27  Betsy Kling, Meteorologist at WKYC, Cleveland, OH

28. James Spann, Chief Meteorologist at WBMA, Birmingham, AL

29. Brent Watts, Chief Meteorologist at WDBJ, Roanoke, VA

30. Justin Bruce, Meteorologist at WKRN, Nashville, TN

31. Margaret Orr, Chief Meteorologist at WDSU, New Orleans, LA

32. Emily Sutton, Meteorologist at KFOR, Oklahoma City, OK

33. Crystal Egger, Meteorologist at KNBC, Los Angeles

34. Karen Minton, Meteorologist at WSB, Atlanta

35. Lissette Gonzalez, Meteorologist at WFOR, Miami, FL

36. Andrew Freiden, Meteorologist at WWBT, Richmond, VA

37. Adam Joseph, Meteorologist at WPVI, Philadelphia

38. Dylan Dreyer, Meteorologist at NBC News, New York

39. Lisa Villegas, Meteorologist at KDFW, Dallas

40. Colleen Coyle, Meteorologist at WFAA, Dallas

41. Cecily Tynan, Meteorologist at WPVI, Philadelphia

42. Grant Gilmore, Chief Meteorologist at WFMY, Greensboro, NC

43. Eddie Sheerr, Chief Meteorologist at NTV News, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

44. Casey Curry, Meteorologist at KTRK, Houston

45. Mike Seidel, Meteorologist at The Weather Channel, Atlanta

46. Dave Epstein, Meteorologist at and WBUR-90.9 FM, Boston

47. Rich Hoffman, Meteorologist at News 12, Long Island, NY

48. Dave Nussbaum, Meteorologist at WWL, New Orleans, LA

49. Travis Herzog, Meteorologist at KTRK, Houston

50. Janice Dean, Senior Meteorologist at Fox News Channel, New York

51. Joanne Feldman, Meteorologist at WAGA, Atlanta

52. Raphael Miranda, Meteorologist at WNBC, New York

53. Jackie Johnson, Meteorologist at KCBS, Los Angeles

54. Ryan Snoddon, Meteorologist at CBC, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

55. Sven Sundgaard, Meteorologist at KARE, Minneapolis, MN

56. Liam Dutton, Meteorologist at Channel 4 News, London

57. Damon Lane, Chief Meteorologist at KOCO, Oklahoma City, OK

58. Maria LaRosa, Meteorologist at The Weather Channel, Atlanta

59. Gil Simmons, Chief Meteorologist at WTNH, New Haven, CT

60. Dan Skoff, Chief Meteorologist at KNWA, Fort Smith, AR

61. Shelby Hays, Meteorologist at KOCO, Oklahoma City, OK

62. Lucy Verasamy, Meteorologist at ITV News, London

63. Matt Makens, Meteorologist at KWGN, Denver

64. Brian Neudorff, Chief Meteorologist for KMVT, Twin Falls, ID

65. Paul Milliken, Meteorologist at WAGA, Atlanta

66. Mike Woods, Meteorologist at WNYW, New York

67. Kevin Roth, Meteorologist at KDAF, Dallas

68. Bob Van Dillen, Meteorologist at HLN, Atlanta

69. Mark Johnson, Chief Meteorologist at WEWS, Cleveland, OH

70. Havayı Koklayan Adam, Meteorologist at CNN TÜRK, Istanbul, Turkey

71. Emily Roehler, Meteorologist at KKTV, Colorado Springs, CO

72. Doug Kammerer, Chief Meteorologist at WRC, Washington, DC

73. Garrett Lewis, Chief Meteorologist at KFSM/KXNW, Fort Smith, AR

74. Ada Monzón, Meteorologist at /UNIVISION Radio WKAQ-580 am, Guaynabo, PR

75. Amy Sweezey, Meteorologist at WESH, Orlando, FL

76. Jason Simpson, Meteorologist at WHNT, Huntsville, AL

77. Ed Piotrowski, Meteorologist at WPDE, Myrtle Beach, SC

78. Brad Nitz, Meteorologist at WSB, Atlanta

79. Glenn Burns, Chief Meteorologist at WSB, Atlanta

80. Maria Molina Timmer, Meteorologist at Fox News Channel, New York

81. Lauren Whitney, Meteorologist at KCNC, Denver

82. Sarah Wroblewski, Meteorologist at WFXT, Boston

83. Jeff Porter, Meteorologist at WWMT, Kalamazoo, MI

84. Pablo Pereira, Meteorologist at KTTV, Los Angeles

85. Susan Soltero, Meteorologist at Univision, San Juan, PR

86. Danielle Grant, Meteorologist at KUSA, Denver

87. Allison Croghan, Meteorologist at WSTU, Salt Lake City

88. Mike Iscovitz, Meteorologist at KRIV, Houston

89. Frank Marzullo, Meteorologist at WXIX, Cincinnati

90. David Chandley, Chief Meteorologist at WAGA, Atlanta

91. Kalee Dionne, Meteorologist at WMAQ, Chicago (Oct., 2016)

92. Tammie Souza, Meteorologist at WFLD, Chicago

93. Todd Gutner, Chief Meteorologist at WCSH, Portland, ME

94. Tom Skilling, Chief Meteorologist at WGN, Chicago

95. Samantha Davies, Meteorologist at KDFW, Dallas

96. Tim Heller, Chief Meteorologist at KTRK, Houston

97. Bill Evans, Senior Meteorologist at WABC, New York

98. Matt Noyes, Chief Meteorologist at NECN, Boston

99. Paul Dellegatto, Chief Meteorologist at WTVT, Tampa, FL

100. Quincy Vagell, Meteorologist/Photographer at, Oklahoma City, OK

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  1. How in the world is @KeithCarson not on this list? Formerly of The Weather Channel, but now happily (for him and his family, and us, his loyal viewers) back home in Portland, ME, on WCSH6. Keith ROCKS, and is a huuuuuuuuuuge user of social media, much to his credit.

  2. I Think you got confused. The DFW area should probably have two on the list: Jennifer Myers from FOX4 KDFW, who’s social media removes the curtain to unveil the morning show prep, has increased pet adoption and has her fellow team members following her lead, and Lisa Villegas from CBS11 KTVT.

  3. Uh, Ginger Zee buys her twitter followers. Don’t believe me? Go over to her page, click on her followers and scroll thru the hundreds and hundreds of fake after fake afteer fake accounts. accounts that are mass produced for people to buy. What a weather girl move. you can also sit and just watch the fake followers tally up. It’s at 912, 953 right now, it’ll be 1000 more tomorrow and then that much more the next day.

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