3 Fatal Mistakes People Make Using Twitter

Twitter MistakesI get really annoyed when I see people using Twitter in ways that create problems for the whole community.

Here are the 3 examples of what I call “Twitter malpractice”

1. Treating Twitter like it’s some sterile planet without life (like Google +)

Nothing against Google +, but it is what it is.

People just don’t hang out there, so most of the brands and people who post their content there will readily admit they are only doing so to gain SEO juice from the mother ship.

By contrast, Twitter is a loud, raucous, vibrant, humorous, engaging place. Don’t you just hate posts that you know were automated and forgotten? Like the tweet about best spring garden plants that goes up during a terrorist attack.

"Dalai Lama"2. Automating replies to new followers

Speaking of robo posts, there are way too many tools out there that have taken the soul from social media.

Fully a third to half of the new followers I thank, send back a ‘personalized’ reply no matter what time day or night — usually urging me to subscribe to their podcast, download their whitepaper or like their Facebook Page.

Really? You mean you really didn’t follow me because you love my content?

3. Expressing yourself on social in a way you’d never in person

When did manners go out of style? You can make your point without demeaning the person.

This post from a self-described journalist is typical: “Betsy DeVos appears to be a complete moron. And a poor writer.”

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