5 Rookie Mistakes in Social Media

More people are coming around to social media. As in, “I need to start getting serious about this.”

Here are 5 common rookie mistakes:

1. Trying to master too many platforms

In fact, this is what causes most people to hesitate jumping in to begin with.

They’re exhausted just thinking about managing so many moving parts — posting hourly on Twitter, chatting on Facebook, uploading to Instagram, creating ‘how to’ videos for YouTube, answering questions on Quora, starting a Medium blog and on and on.

This is a sign you haven’t spent enough time on identifying your audience and goals.


2. Treating social media like a channel for customer acquisition

Although #2 on this list, it’s the #1 cringe-worthy social media mistake.

It’s like going to a cocktail party and spending the whole time talking about yourself. By the end of the evening, you’re standing in the corner next to a potted plant and the bartender (because he *can’t* escape).

At TheSocReports https://www.thesocreports.com/, we see this a lot with people who’ve resisted using social media for a long time. They figure, oh well, at least I can use it to get some business.

Most of the time, the opposite happens.


3. Overthinking a social media strategy

Social media is a lot like golf. You can buy expensive clubs, but it won’t make you a better player.

Most social media gurus preach about having (or paying someone to create) a content marketing strategy that involves an editorial calendar and tools for brand listening, scheduling tweets and posting.

A few of these things are critical, depending on your profession — most are not.


4. Writing in impersonal, corporate, “cough medicine bottle label” language

This mistake is closely related to #2. When you treat social media like it’s free advertising, you probably aren’t having a conversation either.


5. Build it and they will come

Social media is your field of dreams — but no one will just ‘show up.’

The WORST thing you can do is create a profile, then set up some auto-post thing, check the box and expect people to love your content, share it and comment on it.

This is a particular problem on Facebook where it’s painfully obvious when there’s no ‘soul’ to the account.


The tough thing is that even if you avoid all of these mistakes, you have to do many other things *right* to keep and grow your audience signicantly.

TheSocReports https://www.thesocreports.com is for people who have a running start — and want to take their game to the next level.

Oh, social athlete, when you’re ready, go here:


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