Adventures in the Land of Unsubscribes

If you send out marketing emails even occasionally, you probably hate for people to unsubscribe.

It’s like –

What did I do wrong?

Is it personal?

Have they simply no interest in what I’m writing about?

Did they eat a bad tuna sandwich for lunch?

I used to get that sick-to-the-stomach feeling when people unsubscribed me, but not anymore. Can’t take it personal.

In fact, you too should *embrace* unsubscribes.

Let me explain.

I was in the Apple store a few weeks ago, and while waiting in too-long-of-a-holding-pattern for my Airbook to be retrieved from the repair department, an Apple employee was showing off the ‘inbox’ on his iPhone.

He had all of 5 or 6 emails on his Gmail. That’s it.

He boasted that he immediately reads, deletes or unsubscribes from *every email he receives* — He explained he was a super-organized person and it ‘made him crazy’ to look at a bunch of unread, unneeded emails. He’d always been that way, he told me, and he added that this compulsion (and no doubt others) makes his wife nuts.

I walked out of the Apple store that day secretly admiring the guy and feeling a bit inadequate that I don’t have that much of a grip on my inbox.

So when I began writing a daily email two weeks ago today, I was reminded of the Apple dude when lots of people started unsubscribing.

Today, in fact, my email list is 13% smaller than it was two weeks ago — and I am thrilled.

Every unsubscribe I got was “YASSSS” because it represented a person who either doesn’t care about social media or doesn’t want to be bothered with another piece of email in their inbox whatever the subject.

In the lingo of social media, every unsubscribe represents a person who is not engaged with my content. Why *should* they hang around?

Happy fans of TheSocReports know we preach a lot about how to acquire *quality* followers. Better to have a small audience of passionate influencers than a gi-normous pack of people who couldn’t care less about what you say.

And here’s the best part. The chicken soup for the soul has been the people who not only have *not* pressed unsubscribe, but have taken the time to reply:


“Good idea, well executed. And clearly “live.”

“You rock! LOVE the daily social updates, Carol. Keep up the good work.”

“Great email Carol! Moving to say the least.”

“Morning, Carol. I’ve read these start-to-finish. Very engaging. I appreciate the tips”

“Carol! I love your daily e-mails! I’m inspired.”


And there have been some much longer, but you get the idea.

So it’s all good.

I’ve succeeded in chasing away the people who have no interest in reading what I write about. You too can sleep better at night, knowing that you’re growing your personal brand by attracting the *right* kind of fan.

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