Getting Your Butt Kicked and Bouncing Back

If you follow women’s college basketball, you know UConn is a dynasty.

Dominant. As in, they’re never behind, let alone lose.

UConn has towered over women’s college basketball in a way no other team has ever. A record 11 national championships — and prior to a week ago, winning the last 4 in a row.

Now fast forward to two weeks ago, the NCAA women’s tourney Final Four in Dallas.

The 111-game winning streak by UConn’s lady Huskies came to a spectacular end at the hands of underdog Mississippi State in OT (66–64).

A buzzer-beater winning shot made for a fairy tale ending.

Especially when you consider that UConn had beaten Miss. State by *60 POINTS* just a year ago — the most lop-sided win in NCAA regional semifinals history.

For an entire year, that very public, humiliating loss weighed on the Miss. State lady Bulldogs — driving them to practice harder, to *never* let it happen again.

There’s a famous self-help book called “Think and Grow Rich.” It basically teaches that you can succeed through little more than *believing* you can.

Napoleon Hill wrote the book during the Great Depression, after spending 20 years studying people who were self-made millionaires. His point was to convince those who had lost everything, that they too could stage a comeback.

He discovered that desire, faith and persistence alone will deliver the outcome you imagine *if* you can suppress negative thoughts and continually focus on your long-term goal.

I doubt that the lady Bulldogs needed a self-help book to motivate them — but their remarkable win is proof that maybe Napoleon Hill wasn’t crazy after all.

No difficulty, no setback, no obstacle is insurmountable.

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