Our Human-ness is Showing

Not too long ago, I was on the phone with someone who’d recently signed up for TheSocReports.

(All new users are encouraged to schedule a 15-min call with us to go over the insights they’ll be getting. The call, though, often goes a bit longer, if their goals and challenges are many.)

Later that day, she left this lovely message in the #MsTech Facebook group.


Carol Fowler of https://www.thesocreports.com/ was beyond amazzzzing.

Her company gives lots of data analysis for social media accounts.

I am on the trial and she actually went above and beyond to give me personal feedback. It was nice to talk to someone about this stuff.

I recommend giving it a try. She is the best!!!”


Wow — it makes the soul feel good to hear such things.

In fact, her only criticism during our call was that we don’t do a good enough job advertising our “human-ness” on the company website https://www.thesocreports.com/

Yup, we also *care* about our subscribers.

So, you might sign up for TheSocReports and have your own ah-ha moment.

When you’re ready to get started, go here:


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