How to Know if You’re a Bonafide Personal Brand

Personal branding is one of those topics that’s having a moment. There’s even a Wikipedia page:

Most of us don’t give a ton of thought about our personal brands, but it is like saving for retirement or flossing. You should.

Q: So what is a personal brand?

A: Your brand is what you represent. It’s your reputation. Your authority. Some people may have a personal brand tied to the fact they are great cooks. Or good writers. Or simply straight-shooters. Either consciously or unconsciously you are building your personal brand from about 7th grade.

Q: Why should I care about my brand? It doesn’t matter what other people think of me.

A: It only matters if you care about earning more money, getting promoted at work, landing a big contract, getting a speaking engagement, selling a book or getting deserved recognition. So, correct, you shouldn’t stay awake at night worried about what other people think of a tough decision you made — but it pays to concern yourself with the signals you are sending each day about what you stand for.

Q: How much control do I have over my personal brand?

A: More than you may think. Before the Internet and social media, it was much more difficult to become known by those you’ve never met. Today, strangers hold the most control over your personal brand because they’re forming opinions strictly based on what you post and share about yourself, your family and your work.

Here’s why I bring this up.

If a personal brand means more money in your wallet, then why wouldn’t you invest in making it the shiniest, most perfect object?

That’s why TheSocReports exists.

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