The Like Button Has Ruined Facebook

A few days ago, my hubby forwarded an article in The Atlantic.

It was about the ‘like’ button and how it’s ruined everything by contributing to a ‘sameness’ of content across the Internet. All because of the stampede for engagement.

I’m not sure about that. But for sure, the ‘like’ button has dumbed-down Facebook.

That’s because the ‘like’ button has a large-sized impact on what we all see in our news feeds. It’s the reason Facebook is swimming in photos and videos of animals, babies and selfies.

The problem is that it’s too easy to ‘like’ something. You don’t even have to read it. Leaving a ‘like’ usually means you saw it. Big deal.

It’s like waving at a float in a parade.


I don’t think most people think their ‘like’ is endorsing the content or anything serious like that, but that’s how Facebook is using it. Facebook can’t possibly know what’s in each of the nearly 5 BILLION pieces of content created each day.

So it created this lazy shortcut called the ‘like’ button (and its many variations … sad, love, etc.) as a sign of ‘engaging’ content.

Shares and comments count too — and if I were queen for day, I would order Facebook to ONLY factor comments in scoring post popularity. It’s just too easy to click a button.

Show me a post with a lot of comments — and I’ll show you a person with cred:

1 — Commenters generally read the post top to bottom
2 — Are passionate enough about what they read to take time to write something
3 — Comments give insight into why the post matters

So what’s the secret to getting comments?

Finding the signal in the noise is what TheSocReports is all about.

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