Lots to Say About What’s Going on With Journalists

Journalism and alleged bias.

My take is that too many reporters are baring their political views for the world to see — and it’s not a pretty picture. I see it on Twitter all the time.

Sarcasm has become the new ‘normal’ — and journalists are getting sucked into it.

(If you missed my previous post, check out “Journalists need to quit acting like jerks”)

Here’s a sample of what *you* wrote back:



“Bravo!!!!!!!!! You are right. Attitude and adjectives are what are NOT needed.”

“Could not have said it better! That is why we thrive on FACTS.”

“Spot on. As a former journalist (yes from a different era), I could not agree more.”


And this, from a TV investigative reporter:

“Thank you so much for writing this post and giving us contextual advice. Nothing is more precious than the trust, objectivity and fairness we strive for everyday. It’s helpful to know where some of us aren’t meeting this bar. It’s a lesson for all of us to be more vigilant and protect the very purpose we prize deeply.”


Of course, one can (and should) be a tough reporter without taking sides. Examples of the good:

“Lots of questions about GOP #RepealAndReplace plan. I’ll ask @VP what’s in it for WI, does it cover everyone.DETAILS”

“Trump said today US murder rate is at 45 to 47 year high. FALSE. It’s near record low, says FBI. #factsmatter”

“Here’s what we know so far about the GOP bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.”


But when local TV news anchors are also posting comments like this:

“Sometimes when I quickly read The Twitter , I have to stop to see if a tweet is really from POTUS or is a parody account. Anyone else?”

It makes the whole profession look jaded.


Writes a tech entrepreneur in Chicago:

Totally agree. The attitude leads to tone which can lead a viewer or reader to a sense of #FakeNews, even if some thing is actually legit.

I was in India last month and came across this article in the Times of India. Interesting take by a foreign journo on our media.



A friend who practices law in Chicago took the time to send a lengthy email, complete with links to supporting articles. An excerpt:

“I honestly can’t even read or watch MSM anymore. Not only do I hate the endless commercials for various pharmaceutical drugs, but I spent too much time reading over the Wikileaks Podesta emails that exposed journalists from the various “papers of record” colluding with the the Obama White House and the Clinton campaign. I’m sure you ran across this as even Politico reported on it (although it was BARELY covered by the MSM). As a former lifelong Democrat (now proudly libertarian-leaning independent), I am extremely disappointed to have supported politicians that could not care less about the sanctity of our system or their constituents. Journalists have played a massive role in enabling things to get to where they are today. I would love to know what journalism students are being taught in universities today?”


And from the father of a journalism major:

“I read your email and couldn’t agree more with your “take” on the current climate of journalism. As you know, [my daughter] will be going to Mizzou in the Fall. We are so very proud of her and the opportunity she has to tell great stories and “right the ship”!!!!”


Interestingly, not one person said we’re being too hard on journalists. Maybe, some of those people simply unsubscribed after reading the post. Hard to know.

All in all — not a good or easy time to be in journalism. I believe we are witnessing a pivotal moment in American history.

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