I Shot the Sheriff, But Didn’t Shoot the Deputy

The other night I watched a documentary about reggae legend Bob Marley.

If you run a business (and even if you don’t), I recommend you look it up on Netflix. It’s long (2+ hours) so it’s a time investment, but well worth it and here’s why.

Marley faced every conceivable obstacle in life:

— Born to a single mother in Jamaica
— Lived in extreme poverty, abandoned shortly after he was born by his father
— Was discriminated against because he was biracial (father was white)
— Mother moved to US when Bob was 17, left him behind

Yet he loved music and was quite spiritual. People liked to be around him.

I’ll save the details of how he managed to overcome these incredible odds. Let’s just say he didn’t let the cards he was dealt dictate what he could achieve — and became a philanthropist to boot.

After surviving an assassination attempt, Marley died of melanoma at the age of 36.

His story is a sober reminder that as busy as we think we are — as difficult as our situation — we have very little to complain about.

And it’s up to each of us to grab the wheel.

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