Facebook’s Flaky and Mysterious Ways

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Facebook’s ‘like’ button and its impact on the content we all see online.

My take is that it’s dumbed-down Facebook.

Not that ‘liking’ something is bad, it’s just too easy to click a button when it really means nothing in the way of signaling great writing or images.

But Facebook uses it (in part) to decide what to surface in other feeds.


From one reader:


“I always thought the like button was more like a dog peeing on a fire
hydrant. Just its way of saying “I was here!” to other dogs.”


LOL — so true. “Comments” require more of an investment and are a much better indication of quality content. I dream of a time when Facebook would only use the number of comments to judge what’s most worthy of being shown in your feed and mine.

But until then, Facebook operates in mysterious ways.


My friend Al Tompkins was able to shed light. He’s on the Poynter Senior Faculty and an author (“Aim for the Heart”) who teaches about broadcasting and social media. Al generously offered his view on Facebook and engagement scoring:

“I would say that SHARING is a more significant measure than commenting.

Why? Because when you share you are endorsing the product/post as something you think is worthy of consideration, if even for criticism.

Also, when you post a video on Facebook they now have a Call to Action option. Facebook scores the post HIGHER if you use it.

Then there are poison penalizing words and phrases too.

Facebook now penalizes meme posts and stock photos”


Getting your tribe to ‘share’ your content with *their* audience is indeed the ultimate goal — and an action that Facebook or Twitter can’t game (at least not yet).

But here’s the interesting thing.

Any post with more than 20 retweets or 10 FB shares is usually quite predictable. There’s a science.

We know from our work at TheSocReports https://www.thesocreports.com/ (having analyzed millions of pieces of social content) that if you do a few things consistently well, you too can be a social maven.

Our happy subscribers see audience lift of an average 10% (as high as 32%) in the first 3 months. (And we emphasize how to attract and keep *quality* followers)

Why not leverage these key tactics *and* enjoy the warm satisfaction of winning.

“The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows” — Aristotle Onassis


Carol Fowler

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