The Zombies and the Clueless

There’s a daytime drama (soap opera) that ran for many years on CBS called “The Young and the Restless.”

I’m not sure if it’s still on, but it was certainly the rage when I was working in TV as a reporter at the CBS station in central Illinois (WCIA-TV).

It was the first daytime soap to pay homage to 20-somethings. As the title suggests, all of the exciting roles were played by young people who also happened to be good-looking.

Nobody went to work, but it didn’t seem to impact their lifestyle or wardrobes.

Instagram can be a wasteland

Today, we see a lot of these characters on Instagram. I like to call them the zombies and the clueless.

The land of selfie sticks and sunglasses. Gourmet meals and high heels.

There was a story recently that selfies have led to an increase in plastic surgery.

I love social media, but let’s face it. Narcissism is an unfortunate byproduct.



Where is all of this taking us? I don’t know, honestly.

But at TheSocReports, we are working each day to collect and analyze thousands of posts so that our clients have greater insight into what actions they’re taking that make a positive difference.

It’s for people who take social media seriously because it’s more than ego — it’s key to their career growth.

They have work to do … and maybe you do too.

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