Looking for Weather News and Found Something Else

"remote control"

A few days ago, we got more snow than normal in Chicago.

Not that snow in March is ever a huge surprise, but I happened to be expecting a rare visit from my nephew (who was driving from Alabama), and I got up that morning, anxious to see the latest forecast.

So I flipped on the TV to find the Weather Channel.

I went up and down the cable and tried to find it — couldn’t. Called my husband, he couldn’t. At the moment, I was really wanting one of those ‘Siri like’ remote controls.

But in the process of trying to find the road conditions between here and Kentucky, I discovered something really interesting.

One of those info-tainment shows called “Cindy Crawford’s Skin Secrets” was playing on not one — but at least five (maybe more) channels on the cable SIMULTANEOUSLY. (She sells this supermodel serum that is supposed to help you look younger.) I have to confess that I paused for awhile to watch.

I finally found TWC after consulting the cable guide as last resort, but the idea of some marketing genius deciding that Cindy Crawford’s beauty products show should run on multiple channels AT ONCE made me think.

It’s a lot like what I’m constantly preaching about social media. You need reps, you need more ‘at bats’ than the other guys to break through the noise.

Yes, the very first step to becoming a force in social media showing up actively. It’s what our clients at TheSocReports know all too well.

If you or someone you coach relies on social media, I encourage you to check out TheSocReports

We collect data on YOUR social media activity to show you how to become the Cindy Crawford of your profession.

It’s frankly not for everyone — but we offer a trial so you can find out.

When you’re ready, go here:


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