Social Media Pretenders😎

I’ve been studying how people use social media for about 5 years now.

During that time — the platforms have changed a lot, but the people haven’t.

Many are still looking for shortcuts to success. Like the social media version of a “Get out of jail free” card.

These tortured souls consider social media a ‘chore’ so rather than devote just a little bit of themselves to it daily, they use technology to ‘pretend.’

More and more people use some platform or service to ‘discover’ content so they have something to share that is ‘on brand’ with their business or expertise. (What? They aren’t *reading* anything career or business-related? The first red flag.)

Other tools will troll around Twitter and Instagram like bots and auto-like other accounts and photographs on the bet the accounts will return engagement. Or they’ll thank new followers for you with a scripted message.

It’s as if social media is a necessary ‘evil’ that must be dealt with by hiring someone or something else to do the work.

As Neidermeyer declared in ‘Animal House’: “You’re all worthless and weak.”

Well… not YOU … but the tools that promise BIG results — and maybe they show some return in the short term, but no one’s talking here about *quality* of the interaction. Just that it’s happening.

Would you hire a service to welcome a new next-door neighbor?

If you did, do you think your neighbor could tell the difference?

Folks, the whole point of social media is to learn from those you already know and introduce yourself to those you don’t.

There are NO shortcuts to:

— doing a load of wash

— getting your nails done

— coaxing a dog to poop

— or earning loyalty in the social space

I encourage you to check out TheSocReports

But only if you’re interested in meaningful growth in brand awareness and influence and *influential* followers. (Up to 31% audience growth in the first 3 months, on average.)

And trust me, these followers will stick around when they realize that you aren’t a robot.

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