Facebook advertising is an amazing thing for users and Facebook

With the focus on hand-wringing and vote-taking in Washington this week, you may have missed a social media headline equally world-rocking:

"Facebook advertising"

“Facebook reported advertising revenue of $9.16 billion in the second quarter of 2017, a 47 percent increase over the same quarter last year.” — AdWeek

Facebook advertising growth greatest on mobile

If Facebook were a country (and from the looks of the California campus it might soon qualify) …. it would be right up there, as measured by GNP – with Jordan, Serbia and Azerbaijan.

And Facebook reports most of its money comes from people clicking on mobile ads (87%).

Not bad for a “free” platform.

And I love the understated comment from boss Mark Zuckerberg: “We had a good second quarter.”

He leaves the impression that the best of Facebook is yet to come.

So folks, you can take it from us or read the news yourself, Facebook ain’t going away.

A Facebook ads experiment

At TheSocReports, we’ve been running a Facebook ad experiment that we’ll share the results on in a week.

Only Facebook fan (business) pages can advertise – but don’t create one just to buy ads. You need a strategy.

That’s one thing we can help you with. And we can even manage the ad campaign too.

If that’s something you’ve been pondering, wonder no longer.

You can always schedule time with us for a free consultation.

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