The 4 C’s of Social Media: What Type of User Are You?

People use social media for different reasons – that’s obvious enough. But knowing which social media user type *you* are might explain the results you’re getting. Want a bigger social audience? Keep reading.

At TheSocReports, we watch a lot of content pass by on Twitter and Facebook. We know that how *you* react to the cacophony determines audience growth (or not).

The four social media user types

"social media user types"
The Creator is the engine of the Internet.

1. Creator

The creators are the worker-bees of social media. They are the writers, contributors, content sharers and deep thinkers. Let’s all thank the creators among us because without them, social media would be a total waste of time.

Creators also tend to be the most active. They show up daily and post because they love sharing the latest news and information about the world. They are the writers, photographers and artists who give mostly and only occasionally promote themselves.

2. Critic

"social media user types"
The Critic loves to pick a fight.

If you are a critic, you mostly take pot shots at what the creators post – and live for the debate. You contribute opinion – often with a dose of sarcasm.

Critics are most comfortable stirring the pot on Twitter – because they tend not to make the most common Twitter mistakes, like neglecting conversation. Oh, to the contrary. They get an adrenalin rush from starting an argument – and occasionally cross the line. Critics usually get the strongest engagement. Their motto: “Better to be looked over, than overlooked.”

"social media user types"
The Clown likes to entertain.

3. Clown

This social media user loves using humor and sharing content to entertain. Social media is a stage and the clown couldn’t be happier to be the center of attention.

Clowns aren’t always humorous. They furnish lots of inspirational messaging – and keep social media from being too serious. Facebook is where most of the clowns hang out.

4. Consumer

"social media user types"
The Consumer most enjoys being a spectator.

Consumers are more comfortable watching from a safe distance. These folks treat Twitter and Facebook like it’s television. A lot of staring – and that’s it. Nothing wrong with this because the content needs an audience.

Most people are a blend of the four types

Few people fall entirely into one category – Think of it more as a pie, divided into 4 slices.

How much of the time are you a creator?

Creators are more likely to be influencers. So as a general rule, the more often you post interesting and helpful content – the better you’ll do – AND the more you’ll *enjoy* the social space.

Makes sense right?

It’s not just our opinion – The truth is in the data.



Go forth and create.

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