Sorry, These Shortcuts Won’t Grow Your Social Following

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I recently came across a blog post on Medium on how to grow your social following:


How To Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Every Major Social Network


Cool! I was very hopeful to learn something innovative, since the post was from a respected social posting tool, Buffer.

What I learned:

Not much.

In fact, it’s worse than that.

Advice too good to be true

Here’s why the team at TheSocReports was not impressed:

  • Most of the advice was obvious to just about anyone (“Upload a profile picture and cover photo.”)
  • Some of the advice was simply wrong. (“Be indiscriminate about accepting LinkedIn requests.”)
  • And geared toward mindless shortcuts (“Randomly like thousands of images a day.”)

It left rookies with the impression that getting your first 1,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn is fairly straightforward if you take a series of steps – mostly geared toward writing an “awesome bio” and placing “follow me” links on your blog and in your email signature.

This is kinda like telling someone that the key to losing 50 pounds is stocking your fridge with healthy food.

What it fails to stress is THAT’S JUST THE BEGINNING.

"Carol Fowler"
CEO Carol Fowler frequently talks about the fan growth seen by the average client of TheSocReports. (Photo by 1871/Gregory Rothstein)

It’s what happens AFTER that

If you have less than 1K followers on Twitter – I’m sorry to kill the party but it is going to be take MUCH MORE than that to grow your audience significantly.

There’s a science to how to grow your social media audience.

It’s what TheSocReports is all about.

And honestly, we’re not for everybody.

The shortcuts that we share help get more eyeballs on your content.

Staying top of mind is what it’s about. You want to be the first person your network thinks about when they need “x.”

When you’re ready to check us out, go here.

"TheSocReports icon"About TheSocReports

TheSocReports believes social media isn’t an art. It’s science. We’re a social media growth tool for personal brands. TheSocReports analyzes performance and metrics, compares users to their defined competitors, provides tips, education and suggestions based on activity and inspiration. TheSocReports empowers customers through a blend of personal training and data science to help them succeed in social media by seeing what they’re doing and eliminate the risk of a marginal online presence.

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