Check out this page to find the answers to the most common questions about our services and what a typical engagement looks like.

How soon can we get started on my project?

As soon as you like. Social media isn't standing still, and you shouldn't either. We believe every day that isn't spent building your business online is a day wasted.

Will I have a dedicated person on your team?

Yes. While we all may collaborate on your work, especially at the beginning, you will have a partner at KloboMedia who takes charge of every aspect of your customer happiness.

How do you know what to post on my behalf?

We spend time at the beginning to talk to you and research your competitive space. We know the content that is trending and only create and share what is in line with your brand. If you have content you specifically want posted, we set up a workflow to make that happen.

What tools do you use to manage my account?

Our first step is to set up a folder in Google Drive where you can upload photos and logos that are relevant to your business. That will become the place we upload text or other materials that need your review.

KloboMedia is a founding agency partner of Sprout Social, the premier social media publishing and listening platform. We are given early access to custom features to better serve our clients. If you need publishing support, we'll be using Sprout to optimize your content for best performance.

If you use Slack, we will also set up a channel for real-time communication with you and/or your team.

What does a typical engagement look like?

We work by retainer or by the hour. Your choice. As a rule, we create a contract so that there are no surprises. That said, if you are not thrilled with the work we perform, we will do everything possible to make it right.