Thought leadership begins with writing

What is your expertise? Making the commitment to produce content on a regular basis may be the most effective thing you can do to build your individual subject authority or corporate brand. For many people, this is a daunting task. That's why we specialize in helping you set up a blog, newsletter or whatever form you choose to reinforce thought leadership.

Website Setup

You'll want a place online that's home to all of your original work. KloboMedia will help you set up a blog and optimize it for SEO. We are specialists in the management of both WordPress and Medium blogs. We can make sure each post is consistently formatted to look great.

Custom Content

Need us to do the writing for you? No problem. We'll create an editorial calendar based on your needs and start publishing articles that will bring attention to your brand and broaden awareness of your expertise.

"Social Media Management"


Social media is visual, first and foremost. So your writing needs to be supported with visuals that are both relevant and eye-catching. KloboMedia can create custom graphics or provide photography that help your work get noticed.

Email newsletters

People look at their inboxes multiple times a day. That's why creating a monthly, weekly - or even daily - email can make a huge difference in building your reputation as an authority. If you already have an email provider, that's great. Or we will be happy to manage your campaigns via our own MailChimp dashboard. Either way, you'll be amazed where this takes you.

Social sharing

Once your post is published online, pushing out the article link on your social channels will help generate traffic and engagement. Using our powerful agency platform, Sprout Social, we can manage this for you to ensure that your content has the greatest possible reach.

What about LinkedIn?

Depending on your profession and target audience, publishing on LinkedIn may be beneficial. We often advise clients to post their content on LinkedIn a few days after it goes up on their blog. KloboMedia can simply identify the best topics for the LinkedIn audience - or manage it A-to-Z.

"Social Media Management"


Let us customize a plan to suit your individual needs.

Website Setup / Maintenance

$125 / hourly

This generally a one-time fee. How long this takes will depend on the complexity of the job, but a ballpark estimate is 2-3 hours initially.

Custom Content / Editing

Email newsletters

Social sharing

$50 / hourly


$25 / Featured image or custom graphic

We ensure you have full rights to all visuals we provide.

Billed 1st of month / Net 30 days + pre-approved expenses