What We Provide

Keeping up with social media can be brutal. It's hard enough to run your business and life, without worrying about whether someone is complaining about you on Facebook.

Our goal is to help you build your brand awareness and collect business leads through impactful social media management.

As a founding agency partner of Sprout Social, we have access to one of the most robust scheduling and listening tools in the social space.

Here are the options for working with a typical client. You may choose any or all of the services we offer:

Original Content

Memorable content is essential to cutting through the noise.

  • We create, edit and share branded articles.
  • We create and share inspirational quotes and seasonal artwork.
  • We create effective promotional posts to support business goals.

Regular Posting

You gotta be consistent, if want to grow your social media footprint.

  • We determine the best platforms to carry your message.
  • We choose and post the right content for your brand and audience.
  • We speak with the tone of voice that invites engagement.
  • Our goal for most brands is ∼ 50 posts / weekly.

Social Listening

Conversation is too often neglected. We don't make that mistake.

  • We welcome new followers and fans
  • We respond to comments and questions about your business
  • We alert you to any complaints or issues needing urgent attention

Growth Tactics

We take extra steps to attract the right kind of audience for your brand.

  • We identify influencers to follow/engage.
  • We monitor your audience growth, compared to competitors.
  • We use proven, best practices to get your content in front of the widest possible audience.


We only measure what matters, so you'll never wonder about ROI.

"Social Media Management"

Only need support now and then?

Sometimes people and companies just need a bit of a hand. We can also work to fill in the gaps of coverage - or might take on an influencer project to boost growth. You tell us what level of support you require.


Let us customize a plan to suit your individual needs.

Social media support


Starting ∼ $1,950 / month + $30 / per profile in Sprout Social platform


      • Posting / Social listening

$100 / daily + $30 / per profile in Sprout Social platform

      • Original content / Growth tactics / Special projects

$50 / hourly

Billed 1st of month / Net 30 days + pre-approved expenses