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We keep up with the latest trends and changes on the social media platforms. All of them - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the rest - are constantly updating how they handle content and determine "who sees what." That said, there are also best practices that never change. We have several options to bring you and your team up to speed and moving forward again.

"Social Media Management"


We love coming to your business and showing your staff the latest trends in the social space. Our "Lunch and Learn" lasts approximately two hours - and in that presentation, we also cover the fundamentals to get everyone on the same page. You provide the lunch - and we'll produce a jam-packed program with lots of examples of what's bringing the most engagement and how you can achieve similar success.

What to expect:

  • Why social media? Benefits of investing in the social space
  • Overview and explanation of the fundamentals of a successful social media strategy
  • Strengths of each social platform and how to identify the ones your brand should be using
  • Checklist of everyday tactics for audience growth and engagement
  • How to measure and monitor the success of your social media efforts
  • Examples of best practices in your industry


Sometimes a small group or one-on-one session is what you need. Our approach is to listen to what you'd like to accomplishment, then create a social media management roadmap for you to get where you want to go. We can meet once - or on a regular basis. Your choice.


At this level, we work together on an ongoing basis as your trusted advisor.

Here's a sample of the insights we can provide:

  • The best platforms to carry your message
  • The optimal times to post based on when your followers are active
  • How to leverage your staffers to lift the brand
  • A clear view of who is engaging with your social content
  • How to adjust your messaging to attract the audience you want
  • Identify your social media competition (It is not necessarily who you think they are)
  • Learn how your competition is using social media
  • Find out best practices in your industry
  • Identify gaps in coverage and areas of opportunity
  • For the first time, know if you are winning
"Social Media Management"
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We want to help - so look over the options, then let us know if you don't see a training program that meeting your one-of-a-kind needs.


  • 2-hour "Lunch and Learn" ∼ Starting at $600 / session
  • Corporate events / conferences  ∼ Starting at $1000 / session


  • First 30-minutes - Complimentary
  • Individual - $75 / hour
  • Team - $150 / hour


  • Enterprise ∼ Starting $3,500 / monthly
  • Small Business / Personal Brands ∼ Starting $600 / monthly

Billed 1st of month / Net 30 days + pre-approved expenses

Let's Plan Something

First step is to identify a date that works for each of us. Then we can work together to customize a training program that will knock your socks off!