What We Believe

Social media strategy should not be difficult to create or overwhelming to execute.

A crucial step to forming a social media strategy is identifying goals.

Social media platforms are not created equal. Don’t try to use them all.

Only sincere, unrehearsed conversation works as part of a smart social media strategy.

You can’t just talk about yourself. That’s boring at a party – and won’t get you far in the social space.

A brand’s employees are its most valuable ambassadors.

Content is king.

Social media demands strong visuals. People respond to posts with pictures and video.

Consistency is essential. Show up every day.

The audience expects opinion. Talk about your values, and you’ll earn respect and followers.

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"Social Media Management"
"Carol Fowler"
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Meet the KloboMedia Team

KloboMedia was founded by news media professionals in 2014, after a sabbatical from traditional media jobs to study the social media actitity of journalists. That gave them a better understanding of what works (and doesn't) in social media, which they are now sharing with clients.

Carol Fowler

Co-Founder & CEO

Carol worked in a variety of senior roles in television news in Chicago before diving headfirst into social media research.

As a former journalist with experience delivering news across all platforms, she has a reputation for managing content to identify the most compelling content, judging audience interest and providing appropriate context and delivery for optimum impact, whether to build audiences or effect social or political change.

In 2015, under Carol’s direction, KloboMedia launched TheSocReportsa social media growth tool for personal brands.

She relaxes with a glass of wine and her Kindle. Carol also writes a daily email, and you can subscribe here.

David Klobucar

Co-Founder & COO

David is a lifelong photographer with a special love for Instagram. He worked many years at the Chicago Tribune, picking up numerous awards for his creativity and leadership along the way.

David understands and respects the power of visuals in social media, which have taken on increased importance as brands and individuals work to differentiate themselves and connect with others. A user is twice as likely to click on or share a post with a picture or video. So David strongly believes good visuals are key to an effective social strategy.

In addition to helping others understand their digital cameras, David enjoys barbecue and is an avid cyclist.


Christine Bergjans

Social Media Specialist

After graduating from the Univ. of Missouri-Columbia, Christine worked in e-commerce before joining our team. She loves cooking and attends pilates at least twice a week.

Sofía Sanchez

Social Media Apprentice

Sofía attends the Univ. of Illinois-Urbana, where she studies business. She also writes a mean Facebook post.

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